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It is scary to read a Christian's blog. References to Corinthians, mucho God's love and his blessing.. eeks. I think people immersed in religion are really those who have mind altered themselves to give away control of their lives. when I read a blog of a christian and her sins, seriosuly, she puts it all to God, and must make an extra effort to be nice to people. so fake!!! seriously, the peeps in my former class, were majority xtian fanatics and they were the fakest people I have come across. One of them even told me "Even though you not christian, you still my friend". I was like, WTF? You mean otherwise, only chistians are your friends? What frickin' hypocricy. They have surrendered their destiny to the christian god, and let every of their actions be described as god's will. Now that is fucked up!!!