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III'mmmmmm baaaaaaaaack!

I was reading through a bit of my past and I couldn't believe it was just the me one year ago!
Just one year ago, and I feel so detached from it.
I read from Jeff's blog that the blogosphere of the internets isn't so private anymore.
So I checked back here to see if there's anything I should start to censor.

And as I read back, I think there were some things that were much less than PC would ever claim to be.
And yes, there were some posts that I'd destroy in a heartbeat, or lock up like bluebeard's room for an eternity. Because only I. It's only I who holds the ultimate key.

But then another part of me, probably due to laziness, or something else, just thought of letting it go.
Truth is beauty; beauty is truth. What I wrote down back when was the truth of my thoughts and emotions. Censoring it will not do justice to my history. YES. My journal legacy is important. IMPORTANT. LEGACY. YA HEAR?

Also, to quote the indomitable Dr Seuss, if anyone reads this, "Those who mind don't matter; those who matter don't mind".

I'm pretty proud of me 1 year ago.
Oh, I've mooved to wordpress. I prolly won't be back on here, livejournal.

My next move will prolly be blogspot (AGAIN-I was once there). Because they prettily allow goodreads flipbookswitches.

So there, farewell, my blogosphere. Thou shalt not be missed, simply because thou art easily accessed.


Can I make a 50?

Finsihed reading 2009:

1. Rain: What a paperboy learnt about business
2. Finding the Open Road
3. The turbulent twenties survival guide
4. Totto chan
5. The millionaire mentor
6. Brida
7. The missing piece
8. The giving tree

When my room smells so sweet..

It's all thanks to Tindra candle from IKEA!
I picked the pack up because I needed a sickeningly sweet juicy boost. And it did not fail me. My room became a haven of faintly lit berries. Just something that makes me happy.

So I used only one yet. I picked the darkest because it smelt the sweetest. And watched as it turned to watery jelly-like substance. So tempted to put my finger in!

So, it permeated the whole room till my nose got irritated, so I blew it off. It gave a lingering fragrance later.

The next day, the candle changed. It was no longer jelly-clear. It looked like hardened strawberry milkshake. Still smelt good though, but not as strong. Methinks the fragrance has evaporated the first try. Interesting, learn new things everyday.

So yah.

SSC today.

So I went to the Da Vinci exhibition, and I paid one dollar more for a trip to the Science Centre. I could not resist, so there I went.

I'd say I spent more time in the science centre. Specifically, I was looking for the chicks. I wanted to hold some chicks. But they weren't allowed anymore.

I tried most games I could. Tried quizzes, tried to absorb knowledge. I'd say it was a pretty good trip. Bombardment of the senses.

And then I went to the DaVinci thingy. he was a genius, yes, but he's an Aries. 15 April 14 something. So when the documentary said: he was an advocate for peace, yet he built mean machineries that aided in warfare. I needed to check out his birthdate, and there you go. No one more art of warish than the arian.

My thoughts on this:
vitruvian man

Um, 4 cubics? for a person.. sole to knee, 1 cubic, knee to genitals 1 cubic, gens to nips 1 cubic, nips to top of head, 1 cubic.

and height equals length of arms plus torso, ie, vertical = horizontal height.
To be honest, i found it dumb. Only a schimple minded man can think that way. But what the heck, the man turned out fine..

But I think, I think.. to box up a human that way is puke worthy.

Was fascinated with the last supper though. Hrm.

And, Mona Lisa looks like a very masculine woman. Maybe Leonardo was in love with her, such that he continued retouching it until his death, calling it an unfinished art.

Okay, egg yolk plus colour powder makes.. erm, tempera? Ya, thats fascinating. a smart man like Leonardo uses something so perishable as egg yolk? Hmmmm interesting, those painters.

Ok, Im pretty tired.
have on a mask.
without the boom prices of course!

I'd pay for a nicely packaged one like Philosophy

but I won't buy a La Mer, or even an SKII. I don't know why. Maybe next time. Gotta have something to look forward to, yah?

So, I have loved the name Philosophy ever since I saw it being made into a product. What can be more intrinsically geniusistic than that? The concept is just irresistable, no matter how it smells!

So I was at Sephora today with a good friend, and was wanting to purchase that product. But it was not there. Darng. Maybe I should get it shipped. But I desist, because, again, I feel looking forward to it is more interesting than having it. :) lol...


so now my wishlist is actually to understand how to rid of my clogged pores especially on my face. Its apparent after a bath, and they stick out like little tufts of cotton. Its irritating because I dont really know how to rid of em, and my virgoan nature wants them all out!!!!

I am enjoying my fruit scented candle. It makes my room smell sloow good.

List of books that I would like to read

A Modern Mephistopheles - Louisa May Alcott
Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

add on.

When you call someone by a different name

I accidentally addressed a Siva as Shiva. I realised my mistake only when I pressed the send button. I imagine a big wide grin on the receiver's face, because I did a wiki on Shiva and it means supreme indian diety. LOLOL.. oh how nice a simple name tweak can be!

Why I hate the scorpio bitch

So I read that every little thing about being bullie
It is scary to read a Christian's blog. References to Corinthians, mucho God's love and his blessing.. eeks. I think people immersed in religion are really those who have mind altered themselves to give away control of their lives. when I read a blog of a christian and her sins, seriosuly, she puts it all to God, and must make an extra effort to be nice to people. so fake!!! seriously, the peeps in my former class, were majority xtian fanatics and they were the fakest people I have come across. One of them even told me "Even though you not christian, you still my friend". I was like, WTF? You mean otherwise, only chistians are your friends? What frickin' hypocricy. They have surrendered their destiny to the christian god, and let every of their actions be described as god's will. Now that is fucked up!!!

I dont love a person who betrays me

How can someone love a person who would betray them?