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III'mmmmmm baaaaaaaaack!

I was reading through a bit of my past and I couldn't believe it was just the me one year ago!
Just one year ago, and I feel so detached from it.
I read from Jeff's blog that the blogosphere of the internets isn't so private anymore.
So I checked back here to see if there's anything I should start to censor.

And as I read back, I think there were some things that were much less than PC would ever claim to be.
And yes, there were some posts that I'd destroy in a heartbeat, or lock up like bluebeard's room for an eternity. Because only I. It's only I who holds the ultimate key.

But then another part of me, probably due to laziness, or something else, just thought of letting it go.
Truth is beauty; beauty is truth. What I wrote down back when was the truth of my thoughts and emotions. Censoring it will not do justice to my history. YES. My journal legacy is important. IMPORTANT. LEGACY. YA HEAR?

Also, to quote the indomitable Dr Seuss, if anyone reads this, "Those who mind don't matter; those who matter don't mind".

I'm pretty proud of me 1 year ago.
Oh, I've mooved to wordpress. I prolly won't be back on here, livejournal.

My next move will prolly be blogspot (AGAIN-I was once there). Because they prettily allow goodreads flipbookswitches.

So there, farewell, my blogosphere. Thou shalt not be missed, simply because thou art easily accessed.