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When my room smells so sweet..

It's all thanks to Tindra candle from IKEA!
I picked the pack up because I needed a sickeningly sweet juicy boost. And it did not fail me. My room became a haven of faintly lit berries. Just something that makes me happy.

So I used only one yet. I picked the darkest because it smelt the sweetest. And watched as it turned to watery jelly-like substance. So tempted to put my finger in!

So, it permeated the whole room till my nose got irritated, so I blew it off. It gave a lingering fragrance later.

The next day, the candle changed. It was no longer jelly-clear. It looked like hardened strawberry milkshake. Still smelt good though, but not as strong. Methinks the fragrance has evaporated the first try. Interesting, learn new things everyday.

So yah.