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SSC today.

So I went to the Da Vinci exhibition, and I paid one dollar more for a trip to the Science Centre. I could not resist, so there I went.

I'd say I spent more time in the science centre. Specifically, I was looking for the chicks. I wanted to hold some chicks. But they weren't allowed anymore.

I tried most games I could. Tried quizzes, tried to absorb knowledge. I'd say it was a pretty good trip. Bombardment of the senses.

And then I went to the DaVinci thingy. he was a genius, yes, but he's an Aries. 15 April 14 something. So when the documentary said: he was an advocate for peace, yet he built mean machineries that aided in warfare. I needed to check out his birthdate, and there you go. No one more art of warish than the arian.

My thoughts on this:
vitruvian man

Um, 4 cubics? for a person.. sole to knee, 1 cubic, knee to genitals 1 cubic, gens to nips 1 cubic, nips to top of head, 1 cubic.

and height equals length of arms plus torso, ie, vertical = horizontal height.
To be honest, i found it dumb. Only a schimple minded man can think that way. But what the heck, the man turned out fine..

But I think, I think.. to box up a human that way is puke worthy.

Was fascinated with the last supper though. Hrm.

And, Mona Lisa looks like a very masculine woman. Maybe Leonardo was in love with her, such that he continued retouching it until his death, calling it an unfinished art.

Okay, egg yolk plus colour powder makes.. erm, tempera? Ya, thats fascinating. a smart man like Leonardo uses something so perishable as egg yolk? Hmmmm interesting, those painters.

Ok, Im pretty tired.
have on a mask.