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without the boom prices of course!

I'd pay for a nicely packaged one like Philosophy

but I won't buy a La Mer, or even an SKII. I don't know why. Maybe next time. Gotta have something to look forward to, yah?

So, I have loved the name Philosophy ever since I saw it being made into a product. What can be more intrinsically geniusistic than that? The concept is just irresistable, no matter how it smells!

So I was at Sephora today with a good friend, and was wanting to purchase that product. But it was not there. Darng. Maybe I should get it shipped. But I desist, because, again, I feel looking forward to it is more interesting than having it. :) lol...


so now my wishlist is actually to understand how to rid of my clogged pores especially on my face. Its apparent after a bath, and they stick out like little tufts of cotton. Its irritating because I dont really know how to rid of em, and my virgoan nature wants them all out!!!!

I am enjoying my fruit scented candle. It makes my room smell sloow good.